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Hello everyone!

Thank you for joining us, for purchasing and playing at City Game Studio. Thanks because it's been two years now since I can work full time on City Game Studio, thanks because it's been two years since many of you have been coming to play and sharing your ideas and suggestions.

I'm not going to go through all the features that have been added over the last two years, you probably already know them. However, I'm going to tell you about the many new features that come with v0.34.0.

When is v1.0.0, and the end of early access?

I know you're all wondering when v1.0.0.0 will be released? Well it's coming soon, and to give you more details, here is the list of stuff I have to finish before releasing v1.0.0.

  • Mod Support: Add/rename component for custom platforms
  • Custom platform: Add a discontinue panel
  • Custom platform: Add a notification when a new component is available
  • Digital store: Rework the feature panel
  • Game creation: Add a button to see previous game mades (same genre)
  • Competitors: Add the ability for a competitor to buys out other competitors

So what happens next?

Once these features are implemented, City Game Studio will leave the early access and I still publish updates <url=https:"" binogure-studio="" city-game-studio-i18n="" projects="">to add new features. Game support is going to continue for months and after that it depends greatly on the outcome of its official release.</url=https:>

Back to the matter at hand and let's talk about v0.34.0 in detail.

Let's create game consoles

This is a feature that wasn't planned in City Game Studio, but considering your enthusiasm, I had no choice but to include support for video game consoles. Frankly, I thought it would make the gameplay cumbersome and boring to play because it would make the game too complicated, but you guys were right. Making consoles is a good way to enhance the gameplay, once the 2000's are reached, making your own console and popularizing it becomes a huge exercise.

In designing a console, you have to first select the type of console, whether it's a handheld or a home console. Next, you have to carefully choose the electronic components that make it up to customize its case, choose its color and pick the controllers that come with it. Finally, you can determine the price of the console in proportion to its manufacturing cost, which is greatly influenced by the design quality of the console. To maximize revenue while minimizing costs, use an accountant.

When the console is ready, you still have to wait, because you should develop a dozen of games for the console to meet its public. And then maybe you'll hit the holy grail with a console that reaches 5% market share so that your competitors begin to publish games on your console.

What happens if you fail to launch your console?

There are marketing tools available, you can arrange sales, or drop the price of your console. Since the price of the console has a great influence on buyers, selling a console at a discount at first might be a good idea if you want to appeal to competitors.

Revamping the digital store

The old panel was dull and colorless, with the addition of the consoles the time came to dust it off. Of course you will be able to publish games on the consoles you make via the digital store, both features are compatible. Just imagine the possibilities.

Make your own digital store, make it Skilight compatible and also compatible on your game consoles.

Server load

The server load calculation algorithm has been extensively revised. With a dozen servers you can already support nearly a million users. No more bankruptcy because of the digital store!

Additional changes

Difficulties have all been revised and corrected, it goes from very easy to a mode that is really hard. Obviously there's a whole world between these difficulties, and I'd advise you to start with the lowest difficulty in order to understand the inner workings of City Game Studio.

Important notifications are shown immediately so that you don't miss them. That means when someone applies for a job, or when there's a salary increase or a crash in the video game market, notification appears. You still have the possibility to flag it as spam, so this type of notification is not displayed anymore.

There are a lot of other changes, a lot of fixes, I suggest you either read the complete changelog at the end of this announcement, or you can directly enjoy this update by launching City Game Studio, be aware that it will be a real change for you!

Good day to all of you!



  • Console manufacturing


  • Improve background rendering
  • Rework the theme selection panel
  • Rework the game over panel
  • Salary increase: More detailed notification
  • Digital store: Add a tooltip to the platform support panel
  • Improve UI globally (slight gradient)
  • Improve tooltips of the main menu
  • Specialist: Add a button to hire specialists from the game creation panel
  • Game creation: Add a tooltip icon for the workload


  • Clean-up the project (remove 394 unused assets)
  • Rework the scene loader
  • Add a new difficulty
  • Hype: Can reach 100% (and stay at 100% for a month)
  • Advanced start: Auto-adjusting money with the starting date
  • Digital store: Rework UI
  • Digital store: Can enable/disable features
  • Digital store: Balance server usage
  • Difficulties: Renames (no more easy, normal, hard insane)
  • Notifition in game: Open a popup when you have to take a decision or if the email is important
  • Cannot open save because it was created with newer version of the game
  • Digital store: Rework platform selection panel
  • Game genre unlock: Add particles when unlocking a new genre


  • Fix oldsavegame issue (concurrent were not using any game engine)
  • Re-use nodes for background scenes instead of deleting/creating new ones (random crash)
  • Magazines: Improve rendering overall (textures, fonts)
  • Game Engine: Remove ids of non-existants features
  • Digital store: Fix the server load computation
  • Exiting the game might lead to a crash
  • Competitor: Can poach employees from a recently acquired competitor
  • Mod: When a mod removes a concurrent the savegame is corrupted
  • Mod: When a mod removes a theme, the game crashes
  • City map: Fix cursor rendering
  • Server usage: Wrongly computed when selling a studio full of servers
  • Online games: Fix sales computation (there was an exploit to make 10G$ per month)


  • KO: Improve translations (Thanks to LIMECAKE)
  • PT-BR: Some translations were missing
  • PT-BR: Improving translations (thanks to rafaelfaustini)
  • DE: Translate achievements
  • RU: Improve translations

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