v1.4.0 - Buy's competitors shares

Welcome to everyone!

I am writing this new announcement with great pleasure and some relief! Indeed, this is v1.4.0, one of the last updates of City Game Studio. After over 4 years of development, it is now time to start thinking about a new venture. First let's see what I have in store for you!

The stock market

Please take part in the stock market, because indeed, from now on, you can buy and sell the shares of your competitors. It impacts them greatly. For example, when you buy 60% of UbiHard's stock, then you'll get ~60% in dividends every year. I believe the tax calendar ends around June each year.

Beware, because the more shares you own in a competitor the harder it will be for them to grow, as you''ll be taking proportionally from their profits and they won't be able to reinvest in hiring, new technologies or bigger studios. As you can see, by buying out a competitor's shares, you can drive them to the brink of collapse. Well, they won't lose, but they will stagnate and will not be able to progress, at which point you simply acquire them for a pittance. That' s the way life is.

The devkits

A missing feature when the consoles were released. I wonder why I haven't thought about it before, anyway, it has been included in City Game Studio, which is good.

So what are devkits? When you create your game system, you can send devkits to competitors. A devkit is a preliminary version of your console dedicated to game development. Therefore you can send devkits to competitors who will start developing games for your console.

To the devkit I also added the possibility to have exclusive contracts signed with competitors. I wanted them to be very simple, because I didn't want this step to become tedious in time, so you drop a lot of money and you obtain an exclusivity from a competitor.

Thanks to this new feature, you can reach more than 100 games on your console without difficulty, and if you are regular, 1000 games are reachable.

Anything else?

Japanese was added by a contributor who did an outstanding job. Special thanks to Shimenawa, who made it possible to have Japanese available in City Game Studio!

There are a lot of small adjustments here and there in the game, and I invite you either to launch City Game Studio to discover them, or to read the complete list of changes a little further down.

One final detail

As I mentioned earlier in this announcement, this is one of the last updates of City Game Studio. From now on, only minor features or fixes will be added. Well, I have to start working on a new project to keep my sanity.

In short, I' ll make this next project with Godot Engine 4, Blender, Inkscape and still developed from Linux. By the way, I hope you like boardgames, because it will be a 3D multiplayer boardgame with short rounds, no time for nonsense here.

But I' m not giving up on City Game Studio, I'm still here to answer questions and add features. By the way, version 1.5 will only add features that have been made on github. Thanks to you, your support and your ideas, City Game Studio is a much more complete game than expected. Not only competition, but also multi-studio management, micro-management and macro-management. In addition to creating your own consoles, you can also create your own dematerialized store, import your logos, hack competitors, negotiate console licenses, answer interviews. City Game Studio contains dozens of hours of gameplay, and has an incredible replayability, for all this I thank you all!

I let you enjoy this new version of City Game Studio, have a great day,





  • Custom platforms: Can submit dev kits to the competition
  • Modmaker: Load existing mods (including JSON files)
  • Can buy/sell competitors shares


  • Optimize CGS for a very large number of employees (over 2k employees)


  • Prevent mods to rewrite english translations


  • Competitors price: include studio prices to the competitors value
  • Custom platforms: Rebalance marketing campaigns
  • Custom platforms: Rebalance platforms quality
  • Contract: Rebalance reward


  • Mortgages: When a mortgage is too important, it leads to an invalid amount
  • Custom platforms: Custom platforms were not counted as player's platforms
  • Ads: Ad banners and Ad popups were inverted
  • Button long click: Fix an issue preventing the button to be double clicked
  • Creating new game: Replace the selected difficulty by a placeholder if there is no difficulty selected
  • Mod creation: Mods cannot overwrite their own english translations
  • Game engine: Duplicated features
  • Studio: Bug when selling its first studio


  • Improve es translations (Thanks to rsf92)
  • Add ja translations (Thanks to Shimenawa)

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