City Game Studio: Convention rework


You were expecting v0.32.4 and not v0.33.0. Well I am sorry if I disappointed you but this update is way to big so I had to call it v0.33.0!

Convention rework

No more annoying pop-ups that interrupt each September! Now conventions are bundled, which makes the result not bad at all.
Allocating a game to a convention impacts on its rendering, I think it's so cool that I'm thinking of adding illustrations to other panels for upcoming updates.

Game balancing

As you will notice, the game is more challenging. I created a tool that helps me to monitor the different game modes and to forecast the income generated based on the game type, the rating, fans... Thanks to this tool and also to the gamers of the unstable branch I could balance the game. The Easy mode remains almost as it is. On the other hand the other levels of difficulty greatly evolved.

Game interviews

City Game Studio is more challenging. But interviews are there to help you get through it better.
I want to make it clear that any resemblance with real characters is completely fortuitous.

Closing words

Many things have changed in the game, and it will continue to do so. In the next version, v0.34.0, you will be able to make your own game console.
Meanwhile, I invite you to take a look at all the mods available on the Workshop. Many thanks to all of you for your great mods.

Thanks for your great mods,



  • Add interviews about your games


  • Game is more challenging overall
  • No limit for AAA games
  • Balancing game sales according to the score and the game size
  • Adjust contract difficulties
  • Indie games stays less longer than AAA on the shelves
  • Competitor: Won't buy out all the available studios, will spare 1 to 4 studios accordingly to the difficulty
  • Rework GOTY, publishing offers and gameports note computation (less random, more profitable)
  • Balance game engine creation
  • Contracts: shows only manageable contracts
  • Balance game engine profits


  • Add a button to edit conventions from the right panel
  • Bottom menu: Add keyboard shortcut to the tooltips
  • Bottom menu: Add animation when a button is updated
  • Staff panel: Add the number of employees
  • Game creation: Add fanbase requirement for every game size
  • History panel: Improve the tooltip about capacities produced
  • Game creation: Release panel has been re-organized (better animations and sound effects)
  • Staff panel: Add a "Hire & Assign" button
  • Staff panel: Add studio capacities of the selected studio
  • Platform panel: Re-organize the panel while porting a game
  • Rework the gaming conventions
  • Contract: Reward panel reworked
  • Contract: Offers panel reworked


  • Optimization, the game should load faster and should run smoother overall
  • Linux: Improve launcher (better logs)


  • Digital store/Platform unit sold ratio was wrongly computed
  • Cannot update/discount a trade-published game
  • Repair all the items button was not refreshed properly
  • Game engine: Fix issue with development costs
  • Mod support: Game might crash if loading too many mods


  • Can manage multiple Steam branches (default, unstable and oldstable)
  • Validation: Translations keys cannot get more than 64 characters

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cool thing but there is a problem with it for me


Feel sorry for you, I cannot afford making free games anymore...


I understand.