Better mod support

Hey folks!

I hope everything is alright! You know how 2020 is already, so I'm bringing some good news.

Improved mod support

Are you bored about the conventions names? Let's rename them so, and add new ones! Yup you can add new conventions and rename existing ones! Also, you can add new events that impacts your studios.
Many of you want more feature for the game engine and the digital store. You can now add more feature to the game engine and also more features to the digital store. If you want to, you can add a VR Voxel feature for your game engine.

Improved save games

The load game panel has a Copy button, and you can also add new mods to an existing savegame. Also, when y oucreate a logo for your company, it is saved, so for the next game, you will be able to reuse the very same logo. Isn't it great?!

Last week I submitted v0.32.0, and this update already contains a lot of improvements. So launch City Game Studio and start discovering them all!

Thank you for playing



  • Mod: Add events
  • Mod: Add mods to an existing savegame
  • Mod: Add feature to game engines
  • Mod: Add digital store feature
  • Mod: Add/rename conventions
  • Duplicate savegame
  • Save old logos


  • Manufacturer: Add Linux Avatar
  • Manufacturer: Add Robinet Avatar
  • Adjust VBox series V unit sold
  • Top selling game panel: Show only the first 100th games
  • Rework the Leaderboards
  • Employee: Add a hire all button
  • Validate continue button


  • Theme panel: No more sliding over the screen
  • Mail box: "Empty message" no longer appears when there is one message left
  • Old savegame: Games and events were not loading properly
  • Mod: Throw an error when there is no mod while creating/loading a game


  • Postpone the mod loading
  • Postpone the last save game loading

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