Hello folks!

I've been busy working on the next update, which is the workshop support. Meanwhile you reported few bugs. Oh yes you are great, and Im lucky to have such a loving community!
As a reward, here is a version that fix all the bugs (don't break a man's dream).

The support, is coming along nicely, bug it requires more work. I need time to design it properly then to implement and to test it. I'm gonna post updates on twitter and discord as usual.




  • Set a threhsold of 300 000 000$ for exclusive offers
  • Balance salary raise


  • Game engines are not listed in the financial report if they don't make money
  • Employees stop working when replacing desks
  • Fix issue with charts (not updating correctly)
  • Normal difficulty: Salary raise is 198%
  • When making a sequel, doesn't take the right game engine

Join the community, and come help us improving translations for City Game Studio.

  • Improved ru translations (thanks to Riken)

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