Lootboxes, microtransactions and advertising

Good morning, everyone,

Version 0.30.0 has been deployed yesterday but I wanted to describe the biggest changes with you.

This version introduces new ways to monetize your games. You can sell your games in a conventional way, i.e. with a purchase price or a monthly subscription, and now you can make free to play games and get paid through advertising or microtransactions. The revenues are lower, but your fanbase will grow faster.

Lootboxes, microtransactions and advertising

Beside to advertising revenue, you can also add microtransactions. Three types of microtransactions are available. Cosmetics, which long-time players enjoy. New players love power boosts. And then there are the lootboxes. You decide what's in these lootboxes. You can put in power boosts as well as cosmetics.

More charts

In order to help you make your games more profitable, a new financial details panel has appeared. It allows you to keep track of your players, but also to know how much advertising or microtransactions have brought you back.

As usual I describe here only the biggest changes, if you want to know more, you can either launch the game or read the Changelog. I hope you will like this update, and <url=https: discord.gg="" citygamestudio="">join us on discord to talk about it!</url=https:>




  • Game engine: Can implement a Microtransaction module
  • Game engine: Can implement an Ad module
  • Added: Microtransations
  • Added: Ads
  • Financial panel: add unit sold data
  • Financial panel: add ads revenue
  • Financial panel: add iap revenue
  • Financial panel: add ads + iap revenue
  • Add ability to rename the digital store


  • Improved game genre selection
  • Advanced game: Currency is no more set to 100G$, it is set accordingly to the difficulty
  • It is easier to select a game while running a convention
  • Balancing game revenue for a AAA game
  • Balancing how fast an employee get bored about a game genre
  • Can confine the mouse cursor
  • Changing the options won't move the window of the game anymore


  • Fix for micro-stuttering


  • Labels on the digital store charts are covering each others
  • Can move stuff while scrolling even if it is not allowed
  • Fix font oversampling rendering for Windows
  • Random crash (Windows only)
  • Advanced games Unlock gauges accordingly
  • GOTY: Use the new default platforms (instead of the original one)

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