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Hello world!

City Game Studio is one year old. It's been released a year ago, and since then I kept working on it to deliver the best development tycoon game ever. And today, oh today, we are going to talk about the v0.29.0.

Joint studio project

Let's say you want to make a AAA game. Now, you need at least 100 employees with one producer. How can you fit 101 employees in a single studio? You can't! BUT, you can have several studios working on a single project. That's right, you can have 10 studios to work on a game, or on a game port, or on a contract, or on a digital store's feature...

Game update (DLC?)

So, you've published a AAA game. You are swimming in a pool of money, but you want more! Let's publish an update. Updating a game will boost sales and fans (more money indeed).

Do you want moar money?
Seriously, publishing a free update is already great, but I get you. You want more, so let's talk about Paid updates. A paid update is a DLC. Publishing a DLC makes more money than an update, but your fanbase won't be any bigger. So the choice is yours.

How to boost sales of a game?

DISCOUNT! Discount your game of up to 95%. Nothing like discount to gather a maximum of fan around your projects!

Other improvements

The game creation panel has changed. The workload currently provides better feedback, and it is more intuitive to make a game.

Advanced games have been reworked too. You can select the starting money and you can randomize the game creation sliders.

If you want to know all the changes, you can either read the Changelog or just launch City Game Studio and start playing.

As you can see, there is an update per month on average. I want to keep it that way because it is easier to me to balance and test the game between 2 updates.
I hope you will ike this update, and  join us on discord to talk about it!



  • Added game updates. Publishing an update improve the sales of a game, but not its score
  • Added DLC updates. Publishing a DLC make more money regarding the amount of the original games has been sold.
  • Added DLC/Update schedules to the HR management schedule
  • Advanced start: You can enter the exact amount of money you want to start with
  • Make a discount for published games
  • Randomize games' sliders (optional)
  • Improve online games. Can set a price and a subscription price


  • Store will now show everysingle items, even the locked one, so you will be able to known when the servers are becoming available
  • Improving the history panel by adding more tooltips
  • Added a dynamic tooltip to the in dev panel hype container
  • Added a game engine name generator
  • GOTY panel: easier to select a game
  • Auto-organize conventions
  • Improve the release-game panel tooltip (price + discount is now shown and updated in real time)
  • Sort platforms by release date
  • Add Select All button to the studio panel
  • Add tooltips to the platform release panel
  • Add CPU/GPU to the game engine panels (tooltip)
  • Improved workload during game creation
  • No default theme for game creation


  • Improved zh translations (Thanks to Mochongli)
  • Improved ru translations (Thanks to Riken and IraqLobster34)
  • Improved fr translations (Thanks to kiriflo)


  • Spying on a competitor has a new steam achievement
  • Spying on a competitor has a better congratulation panel
  • Cracking a game has a new steam achievement
  • Cracking a game has a better congratulation panel
  • Optimizing staff management
  • Rework the studio panel
  • Add animation to the studio capacities


  • Gameport sales don't take the marketing campaign into account
  • Set the default currency to 1 000 M$ for advanced start
  • released-game panel was not properly refreshing the game ports
  • Fix random crash
  • Cannot release a GOTY
  • Can port a game on an non-released console
  • Improve game engine and game publishing panels rendering

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