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Happy New Year everyone!
The 0.28.1 version is, despite its name, a major version.

Rent game engines

You can now make money thanks to your game engines or make them FOSS! (I'll let you find out what impact it has, you'll see how cool it is). And now you can also rent your competitors' game engines! This is the little extra that should make you happy!

Better UI (another one)

The UI has been slightly revised. Indeed with version v0.28.0, the game creation panels had been redone. To make everything consistent with the latest graphic overhaul, the rest of the game has also been revised.

Studios optimization

The v0.28.1 also brings a lot of optimization. Savegames are 50% lighter and loading them is ~25% faster. To this must be added the studios optimization. Large studios tended to be CPU intensive, so after a lot of work, even the largest studios should no longer blow your fans.


Game engine

  • Manage the game engine calendar for staff
  • Open source game engine gives you money or new free features
  • Can rent a competitor's engine
  • Competitors can use your engines if they are valuable / commendable
  • Competitors make their own engines
  • Add the engine name to the best game sales tooltips
  • Rework the engine selection panel
  • Buying a competitor gives you their engine


  • Sort items in the shop by type
  • Add sound effects to multiple buttons (missing)
  • Attach / remove specialists from released games
  • Add Unique to the kinds of games that unlock success
  • Add the unit sold to the history panel (this is a tooltip)
  • Add animations to the price slider
  • Reduce the font size of the studio panel
  • Optimize backups (should save up to 80% of the disk)
  • Optimize studio rendering (use less CPU than before)
  • Add a button to fix everything (coffee makers)
  • Optimize the studios (should be able to increase the size of the studios)
  • Add the release date to the released games
  • Add FX sounds to the marketing panel
  • Increased server capacities: + 50%


  • The buttons on the server do not display correctly once they appear. Need to reload the game to get it right
  • Can buy a competitor even if it is not unlocked
  • Selling a studio with furniture doesn't give you the right amount of money
  • A competitor has an incorrect engine royalty value (it is zero)
  • Certain competing engines may have a “zero” charge
  • Cannot buy servers automatically
  • Unable to attend conventions manually
  • Unable to upgrade servers
  • Can wear a game on the same paltforms several times
  • Unable to upgrade a server

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