Custom Game Engines v0.28.0

Hello everyone

I'm glad to announce the v0.28.0 of city Game Studio. It includes Game engines, a new UI and yes, this is City Game Studio!

Create and upgrade game engines!!

Customize your games, create a pixel art game and release it on VBox! Players are going to calibrate their joystick for the next Fighting game you are going to create!

You've created your first game engine but there is a... a ... a new technology already available... No problem, just update it, there is no need to create a new one. Unless it is an old game engine, in that case, you'd rather create a new game engine than update the old one (legacy code shhhh).

Make gameports great again

Each platform has its own specifications. There is no way to port a VBox game to a Handboy console. The handboy cannot handle the load of a VBox game! So to help you port your games, I reworked the game port creation panel.

A snowy City?

Something different?! City Game Studio has had an haircut (welcome to non-hairy City Game Studio).


[url=]Join the community[/url], and come help us improving translations for City Game Studio

  • Improving ru language thanks to Riken (merci)

Game engine

  • Create a game engine
  • Update a game engine
  • Rework the game port mechanism
  • Rework the game score mechanism

User interface

  • Improve the digital store panel (it explains how to enable/disable it)
  • Rework the studio selection panel of the digital store
  • Reworked the studio selection panel
  • Add several tooltips
  • Adjust the panels sizes overal
  • Reworked the unlocked button animation
  • Platform selection panel reworked
  • History panel reworked
  • Rework the Game creation panels
  • Lower the fonts' sizes


  • Add seasons (autumn/winter)
  • Animate the zoom transitions


  • Add a dummy audio driver if there is no compatible audio driver (act as a fallaback, prevent the game
  • to crash)
  • Vertical scrollbar margin are invalid
  • No music on the main menu
  • High audio latency

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