Digital store's update v0.26.0

Create your own digital store!

The digital store is now available. The mid-game will now be much more interesting. Start implementing new feature for your digital store. Attract more players by publishing exclusive games on your store and participating in several conventions

Implement features for your digital store!

And that's how you'll have to juggle implementing features for your digital store and creating your own games. I advise you to keep an eye on the load of the servers and if necessary to implement the Anti-Bot functionality of the digital store.

What about the tooltips

Tooltips have been reworked (it was due). They no longer cover the mouse cursor or what you are trying to read. They no longer blink and even better, display useful information.

Tooltips will also add more dynamic informations such as the specialists assigned to a game, or if a theme matches a genre


Join the community, and come help us improving translations for City Game Studio

  • Improve russian translations (Thanks to Riken)

Digital Store

  • Competitor's AI adjusted according the difficulty
  • Adjusting the amount of copies sold (regarding of the remaining user of a platform)
  • Adding best sellings games
  • Ability to implement features
  • Can support several platforms at the same time (based on platform type)
  • Can set the platform cut for the competitors
  • Can publish games on the digital store and also the normal platform
  • Competitors can publish game to the digital store


  • Some old savegames cannot unlock all the existing feature
  • On the marketing panel, games are now sorted by release date
  • Fixed a lot of label rendering issues (not fitting in the window)
  • Adding/rewording some tooltips
  • Adding more informations to the themes tooltips (match between theme/game genre)
  • Tooltip are blinking when moving the mouse
  • Tooltip appears behind the mouse (hiding whats behind it)
  • Tooltip were poorly rendered
  • Improve tooltip content (just have a look at the bouncing hearts)
  • Improve the bugreporter (use HTTPS)
  • Improve UI/UX of the human resource management panel
  • Add tooltip to the in dev game panel
  • Improve tooltip of the released games panel (it now lists the specialists and game type/theme)
  • Improve tooltips of the indev panel
  • Rework the gameport panel (bigger/clearer)


  • Some sounds FX were not played (volume not adjusted correctly and spamming errors).
  • Game over panel is shaking
  • Show compatible platforms only when porting a game
  • Upgradable servers got a smoke animation
  • Marketing campaigns costs are now added to the game outcomes data
  • Discontinuing a game might lead to a corrupted savegame (normal discontinuation/cracking a game)
  • Conventions stands are now updated accordingly when already attending

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