Competitor's update v0.25.0

Crack your competitors' games!

You want to sell more games, but you don't want to waste your money on advertising and other marketing campaigns? Hang on, and hack the competitors games !

Hack your competitors!

Some games' genre are quite expensive, unlocking them would take years. Wait a minute, now you can unlock new game genre by hacking the competitors! And this minigame includes a lot of tiny easter eggs!

Dreamhack feedbacks

Oh, did I forget to tell you?! We went to the Montreal's Dreamhack and it was awesome!
Many of you have tested City Game Studio, and I'm glad because I got a lot of feedbacks.
It was a great experience, and this update is for you! More tooltips, more text and more feedback. You are in control! So let's go and create your first game now!


Join the community, and come help us improving translations for City Game Studio

  • Improve spanish language (Thanks to @Balthoraz)


  • Cancel game ports
  • Add a minigame when cracking a competitor's game
  • Add a minigame when spying on a competitor
  • Add a negociation panel to poach competitors' employees
  • Add a top selling games


  • Add licences
  • Rework employee's mood feedbacks
  • Improve performances overall
  • Rework game in dev panel
  • Server panel count offline players too
  • Refresh credits
  • Randomize custom company logo
  • Animate dices when hovering them
  • Clean the bottom menu (easier to use)

Dreamhack feedbacks

  • Add a close button on the platform panel
  • Add tooltips for employees' happiness and energy
  • Add several tooltips while publishing a game
  • Hide the targetted audience until it is unlocked
  • Add more informations to the shop panel
  • The first post-mortem has to be done manually
  • Add one pixel brush to draw the company logo
  • Add color picker to draw the company logo
  • Can cancel a convention
  • Show net profits to the game results panel
  • Add a dice to randomize the company logo
  • Convention were free

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