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Sneak in to the Chicahua jungle, defeat Seth the sneaky snake and challenge your friends in an endless game mode. Still here?! Hurry up before Seth eats all your delicious marbles!

Fun, dynamic, Sneak In is a unique mobile game that joins the playfulness of your favorite classic marble shooter, and the elegance of a simple and flawless design. Renewing the genre with original gameplays such as unpredictable magic marbles and a challenging arcade mode, Sneak In will lead you to the colorful jungle of Chicahua ! Here, use your reflex skills and your cleverness to stop Seth, the glutton snake, from eating all of your delicious marbles. Shoot with precision to match three marbles of the same color, then trigger spectacular combos to avoid the vicious traps. Guaranteed with no ads of any sort, respectful of your data privacy, come and enjoy a good time with this addictive marble shooter game!

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City Game Studio is built with Godot Engine 2.1


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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sneak-in-2_5_3d-linux.zip 80 MB
sneak-in-2_5_3d-osx.zip 71 MB
sneak-in-2_5_3d-win32.zip 67 MB
sneak-in-2_5_3d-win64.zip 68 MB

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I looked at the demo version and it works fine for me with MX-15 Debian Jessie 32 bit. But...

How can the game come to me if I do not use online banking.
I buy games from GOG using Paysafecard.

You can get it on itch.io, then you get a Steam key and you're good to go.

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Give me this game as a gift


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Wow! This version is looking WAY more unique and interesting in gameplay than the already refreshing previous one. PLEASE bring to android/apk.

Thank you! Sneak In WAS on the google play store, but it's been removed by google itself becaue the SDK I use is too old. Since I have no plan to use a later version of Godot Engine in order to publish Sneak In on the google play store.

However, it works like a charm on the Steam Deck, and also on any tablet. It is touch friendly tho


What about Amazon appstore? Or just putting the apk here on Itch? TIA

Sorry, that extra work for free I cannot afford.


No worries. When I have a tablet, I will definitely try this new version. Looks SOOOO promising.