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Hello people!

TL;DR: Sneak In is a Zuma style match-3 game, with more than 200 levels, 7 special marbles, 3 different bonuses, a world map that I hope you will enjoy and an infinite level where you can spend all the time you want.


I've been working alone on Binogure Studio for 3 years now. Before that I was already working in video games, but for other companies. And 3 years ago I gave up everything to start developing City Game Studio. After a few months of development, I realize that the City Game Studio project is too big. Not think twice, I I start working on Sneak In. I wanted it to be a mobile game without ads or tracking feature. 6 months later, and after several contributions to Godot Engine, Sneak In is published for mobile and hardly has found its audience. Although the reviews are very positive, Sneak In, like the vast majority of mobile games, falls into oblivion.

Sneak In is a commercial failure, but a professional success. Publishing Sneak In has taught me a lot about the development process, marketing and account management.

What's new?

This version has no life, which means you can play as long as you want. The visual effects have been redesigned and there is the possibility, by right clicking, to change the colour of the marble you will shoot. These are differences that may seem subtle but that deeply change the gameplay (and make the game even more fun).
Assets have been exported in high resolution, music and sound effects exported in much better quality. In addition, the Steam version supports Remote Play on phone and tablet.
So you will be able to play on PC, tablet and mobile phone at the same time.

Closing words

I spent 6 months making Sneak In, and 2 months promoting it on the Internet. This is a small project that should bring you complete satisfaction.

Thanks to all of you,


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Sep 07, 2020

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