A downloadable HackingSim for Windows and Linux

Have you ever dreamed about hacking the NSA?!

HackSim is a realistic hacking simulator where you steal critical intel from the NSA!

Entry for the Game Wild Jam #13:

- Theme: Merge

- This game is a merge between actual network commands and hacking scene from hollywood movies

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorBinogure Studio
Made withAudacity, Inkscape, Godot
Tags2D, godot-engine, godot-wild-jam, Hacking


hackSim 65 MB
hackSim.exe 70 MB


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Short and sweet. As a cat lover, I really loved the kitty pop-ups. Too adorable! Really fun overall!

wow,what about cmd matrix

I definitely got the hollywood hacking part, but there wasn't really much in the way of network commands other than dumping code as we typed on the keyboard. It was a good game, but not sure about fitting the merge gamejam theme. Looking forward to more stuff from you in the future though.

idk it doesn't seem to start :/

Linux or windows?

If linux don't forget to do a chmod a+x hackSim before launching it.
For Windows, it should work out of the box

I can't get it to start on Linux either.  It fails to load libXinerama.so.1, which I have in my /usr/lib directory.

Just to be sure that libXinerama.so.1 is symlinked to an existing file:

ls -lisa $(locate libXinerama.so.1 | head -1)