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Does this game support Windows 10/11 on ARM or Apple Silicon Macs (M1 or M2)?


Thank you for asking. This game only support x86/x64 for Mac, Windows and Linux. There's no ARM support for it.


can you add trilogy feature it would be more fun and thank you


Why Trilogy? I mean yo ucan make sequels, so you don't have any limits, you can make 1 sequel, or 2, and call it a trilogy :P

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $11.19 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key.

Does that mean purchasing here, won’t actually give me the game but just a Steam key? Or will it give me the game and a Steam key?

Please clarify this on the page please as a Steam license to play this game as long as the associated Steam account exists is not attractive to me…

The purchase comes with a Steam key. It worded like that by default, meaning you get a Steam key.

Why isn't there an android Version?


Simply because Im alone working on this game, and I cannot afford spending more time supporting another platform. It is available for MacOS, windows and Linux.


Makes Sense




On itch we only sell steam keys. There is no pirate version available on that website. 

Downloading a cracked version of a game always includes a downside (virus, botnet...)


Game looks really good! Looking forward to picking it up later on.


Thank you! I keep working on it every day, so the more you wait the better it becomes